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DNA Health is the leading health optimisation & longevity clinic in the region.
6 out of 10
causes of death are preventable
We focus on finding, preventing, and eliminating conditions that shorten your life span & vitality.
DNA Health provides game changing treatments for you to live better & longer.
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Our approach is proactive and preventative, giving you control of your health throughout your life.

Medicine today is almost entirely reactive. Doctors, specialists, and hospitals focus on diagnosis of diseases and treating symptoms with medication and surgery, and see the body as set of organs rather than as a whole.

At DNA Health we practice functional medicine, which focuses on identifying and treating the root cause of disease, rather than just the symptoms.  We use the latest detection technology and cutting-edge treatments to optimise your health and eliminate potential health risks and ensure you sustain lifelong vitality.

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Chronic Fatigue
IBS & Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Mental Health
Dementia / Alzheimers
Heart Disease

Chronic disease is preventable. We do not just believe in the absence of disease, but in lifelong vitality.

6 out of the top 10 causes of death are largely preventable. In most cases, the root cause of chronic diseases stem from lifestyle and environmental influences, be it diet, sleep, stress, work, physical activity levels, environmental pollutants etc.

As little as 12% of people carry out preventative annual health screenings or any type of preventative health measures.

At DNA Health we focus on finding chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, IBS, chronic fatigue, autoimmunity and neurological disorders at their earliest stages, so that we can provide effective healthcare plans to treat illnesses before they can ever cause harm.

We are the largest health optimisation and longevity clinic in the Middle East.

With some of the best practitioners in the region, supported by a prestigious Global Scientific Board, we offer the latest in data driven, game changing treatments for you to live better for longer.


Detailed health screenings using the latest detection technology to find and predict illness at its early stages, combined with effective healthcare plans to treat illnesses before they can ever cause harm.


In collaboration with our global science partners, we seek out and pioneer the latest and most effective health optimisation treatments. We measure your data to create personalised treatment plans so you can achieve and maintain optimal physical and mental health. 


We use the latest in aesthetics treatments to help you rejuvenate and maintain a youthful appearance.  The secret to a youthful appearance is a regular beauty routine alongside preventative health measures. 


With the help of science it is now possible to measure and improve your biological age by 5 to 15 years and slow down the rate of aging. 

DNA Method™️ puts you in control of your health by providing you access to the rapidly developing health and wellness scientific revolution.

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Listen to the latest radio podcasts with Dr. Nasr Al Jafari
Listen to the latest radio podcasts with Dr. Nasr Al Jafari

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